Michelin's MyTechExpert App

Product Team Members:  Himanshu Sharma (Product Designer), Naoemi Laurens (Product Owner),

Anuradha (Business Analyst), Developer - (Darshan Site)

Michelin's MyTechExpert App

MICHELIN MyTechXpert is available for iOS and Android devices and is an evolution of the well-known Michelin technical data book, which has been a trusted compendium of Michelin commercial vehicle tyre information for decades.

 Key information hosted within the app includes full technical data on more than 200 Michelin commercial vehicle tyres, from the smallest 6 R9 MICHELIN XTA trailer tyre, to the largest 525/65 R20.5 MICHELIN XS fitment, designed for heavy trucks operating on soft sand.


Available information includes detailed sizing, inflation pressure suggestions, EU tyre labelling data, and, where applicable, regrooving information.

My Work

A total of 24 sprints were followed to achieve the complete design and development of the app.

The Design Challenge:

Stakeholder Management

The business team had conceived this idea but not sure how it would materialise. They weren’t aware of Design Thinking Methodologies to know the mental models of dealers and jobs to be done scenarios.

We had to convince Stakeholder to employ Design Thinking in this projects to build a better product.

I worked along the the product owner to gather insights on mental models by using qualitative interviews. We tried to find when, where, how, why ‘s of Michelin technical data book usage from Dealers. 

We understood the context and their tech literacy to gauge content requirement and navigation patterns.

Business Communications (French with English)

Most stakeholders and Businesses were not fluent in English and managing language barrier was indeed challenging.

We had to convince Stakeholder to employ Design Thinking in this projects to build a better product.

Usability testing with French Dealers

I formulated a set of questions for each task scenarios and tested couple of prototypes with the dealers. My product owner Noemei helped me in this pursuit.